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Product Detail

Product Detail



CAS NO. : 104-38-1
Molecular Formula : C10H14O4
Molecular Weight : 198.2
Chemical name : : Hydroquinone Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)Ether
Product Details

Specification :

Appearance : White solid powder

Hydroxyl 550—580mgKOH/g

Moisture ≤0.2%

Melting Point≥100℃

Solubility : Not soluble in DMF , Acetone , Anone , Ethyl Acetate etc.

Main Application :

HQEE is a new-style poisonless chain extender instead of MOCA. Widely applied in MDIs PUR series such as CPU / TPU / MPU. Can greatly improve polyurethanes temperature-resisting grade , mechanical property such as tearing strength 、shearing ability 、hardness and rigidity 、elastic resilience. Effectively improve the MPUs size materials storage stability and burning-resistance. And improve PURs property.

MDI/HQEE usually applied in the PUR products such as oil well seals , forklift tires , conveyor belt , hydraulic cylinder seals which have higher requirement on physical ability. It can improve the function of high resilient micropore foam products.

Package : 25kg/cardboard drum (with PE bag inside)

Storage : HQEE is easy to absorb humidity and can change color under the sun. Should seal closely and keep from humidity and sunshine. Keep ventilation.

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