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Product Detail

Product Detail



CAS NO. : 52829-07-9
Molecular Formula : C28H52O4N2
Molecular Weight : 480.74
Chemical name : : Bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl)sebacate
Product Details

Physical and Chemical Properties :

Appearance and behavior : White crystalline power or granules , odorless

Melting/Freezing Temperature : 81-85℃ ;Volatile Matter:≤0.5%;Weight Loss Point:228℃(5.0%) ;Ash Content:≤0.1%          

Transmittance : 425nm≥98.0%  ; 500nm≥99.0%

Introduction :

LT-770 is a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer(HALS) that provides excellent light stability for thick sections、films and tapes in the recommended substrates , particularly in PP thick sections. It has broad compatibility and can be easily dispersed.

Compared to conventional UV-absorbers , the effectiveness of LT-770 is less depend on the polymer's thickness. For this reason , the use of LT-770 also provides good light stability in materials with high specific surface, e.g. films and tapes. Combined with other HALS, LT-770 could perform better effectiveness, e.g. LT-791

Applications :

LT-770 is recommended to be used in polypropylene , impact modified PP(TPO) , EPDM , polystyrene , impact polystyrene , ABS , SAN , ASA and polyurethanes and is also effective in polyamides and polyacetal.

Package: 25kg carton or paper barrel(PE plastic inside)

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